Arise Pickleball Unveils "The Canvas": Painting a Vibrant Future for Pickleball in Thailand – One Stroke at a Time, One Community at a Time


Arise Pickleball Unveils "The Canvas": Painting a Vibrant Future for Pickleball in Thailand – One Stroke at a Time, One Community at a Time

Bangkok, July 31, 2023 - Arise Pickleball, Thailand's first Pickleball brand, is thrilled to announce the launch of "The Canvas," a groundbreaking line of wooden Pickleball paddles that promises to redefine the playing experience for beginners and enthusiasts alike. Designed with precision craftsmanship.

The Canvas marks a new generation of fun, affordable and high spin Pickleball paddles. Engineered with attention to detail, these paddles breaks the stereotype that wooden paddles have a smooth smooth surface and are only for hitting hard. With a custom blend of primer and durable paint application, our engineers and product design specialists optimized the surface treatment for significant amounts of spin.

The Canvas enables players to elevate their competitiveness further with high topspin, backspin, or side spins. The Canvas paddle shape and dimensions was optimally tested to provide a smaller balance in paddle face size with special consideration to the overall weight. The result is one of the lightest wooden paddles on the market with a proportionally large sweet spot allowing for quick hands and flexibility when up at the net.

The choice of Poplar Hardwood surface, which is one of the softer types of hardwoods, ensures that the paddle is sturdy and robust. Poplar wood's unique density and grain results in a prolonged dwell time resulting in control and spin. Our 7-layer all wood composite allows for responsive play and is from sustainability grown forests ensuring eco-friendliness.

"The Canvas is a testament of Arise Pickleball's dedication to crafting quality equipment that enhances players' skills while respecting the environment," says Founder Siree Sivapetchranat.

The Canvas name stems from our encouragement for players and collectors to personalize and customize their own paddles. With ample white space on both sides of the face, there is plenty of room for your creativity to shine as you play socially or recreationally!

Arise's The Canvas paddle use Pearl White and Santorini Blue elegantly stands out on court with a simple color scheme that is easily recognizable. Not only is The Canvas paddle great to play with, but merging art and sport further increases the opportunity for collectability, engagement and value. Use of quality permanent inks and markers or acrylic spray will not affect its playability.

Paints that result in additional thickness (such as acrylic paints) are not encouraged. The durability of applied designs and inks cannot be guaranteed and are done solely at the risk of the paddle owner. The paddles is now available for purchase on the official Arise Pickleball website and through select retail partners. For large institutional orders from schools, universities, clubs or recreation centers in excess of 20 paddles, please contact

As Arise launches "The Canvas," the brand is eager to witness the impact it will have on the growth of Pickleball in Thailand. Join Arise Pickleball’s initiatives as the brand paints a vibrant future for Pickleball – one stroke at a time, one community at a time, with "The Canvas."

About Arise Pickleball:

Arise Pickleball's mission is to promote and cultivate the growth of Pickleball as a widely embraced recreational and competitive sport throughout every province in Thailand. Through education, collaboration, and outreach initiatives, the company strives to create vibrant communities that encourage people of all backgrounds and skill levels to engage in Pickleball, fostering fun, health, social connections, and a sense of unity among players across the nation.

For media inquiries, please contact: Sang Chanyaputhipong Media Relations