Arise Pickleball Creates Limited-Edition ‘Arun’ Paddle To Celebrate Website Launch


June 1, 2023, BANGKOK Arise Pickleball, Thailand’s premiere Pickleball equipment distribution and manufacturing brand, has just made it easier for enthusiasts of the sport to equip themselves with high quality paddles, balls, and nets.

The brand recently launched its website,, and to celebrate Arise has released its limited-edition Arun paddle, named after the Thai word arun, which symbolizes victory.

“Our goal is to ensure that people in Thailand are equipped with what they need to enjoy this family-friendly and inclusive sport of Pickleball. Previously, there had been a small number of Pickleball enthusiasts who had the means to hand-carry in their own equipment from overseas. The poses a great barrier for the average Thai. Our desire is make this inclusive and community-building sport of Pickleball accessible to all Thais. With this goal in mind, we designed the Arun paddle, a symbol of the hope for Pickleball to be used to bring people together through fun and joyful exercise,” said Siree Sivapetchranat, Co-Founder of Arise Pickleball and Managing Director of Fulfilled Purpose Coaching Co., Ltd.

Sivapetchranat is no stranger to Thailand’s health and fitness scene. As the Founder and Managing Director of Fulfilled Purpose Coaching Co., Ltd. she launched Arise Health Studio in November 2019. In her role, Sivapetchranat coached clients on how to make the right lifestyle choices, develop keystone habits, and learn how to better manage stress.

Sivapetchranat’s health and wellness journey led to Pickleball, and because of the sport’s physical benefits and movement, she was instantly hooked. Now her mission is to spread these benefits to people all around the country.

“The vision of Arise Pickleball is to foster a thriving Pickleball community across every province in Thailand, where individuals of all ages and abilities find joy, well-being, camaraderie, and healthy competition through the sport,” Sivapetchranat said.

About Arise Pickleball

Arise Pickleball’s mission is to promote and cultivate the growth of Pickleball as a widely embraced recreational and competitive sport throughout every province in Thailand. Through education, collaboration, and outreach initiatives, the company strives to create vibrant communities that encourage people of all backgrounds and skill levels to engage in Pickleball, fostering fun, health, social connections, and a sense of unity among players across the nation.

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