Arise Pickleball Announces Official Partnership with DUPR Pickleball Rating System

Arise Pickleball Announces Official Partnership with DUPR Pickleball Rating System


Arise Pickleball Announces Official Partnership with DUPR Pickleball Rating System

October 17, 2023— Arise Pickleball, a leading brand in the world of pickleball in Thailand, is thrilled to announce its official partnership with DUPR Pickleball Rating, the most accurate global rating system in the sport. DUPR is the abbreviation for Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating. This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone for Arise Pickleball Club and reinforces its commitment to providing an exceptional experience for players at all levels.

DUPR Pickleball Rating has earned the trust of premier pickleball clubs, professional tours, and recreational players worldwide, making it the go-to rating system for accurate skill assessment and performance tracking. With this partnership, Arise Pickleball aims to enhance the overall player experience by incorporating DUPR's reliable rating system into its programming.

DUPR and Arise Pickleball, Bangkok, Thailand

What Sets DUPR Apart?

DUPR Pickleball Rating stands out for its precision and fairness in evaluating player skill levels. Unlike traditional ranking systems, DUPR takes into account every point and game played, providing a comprehensive and dynamic rating that truly reflects a player's abilities. This ensures that players are matched with opponents of similar skill levels, fostering healthy competition and skill development.

How Will Arise Pickleball Club Utilize DUPR?

Arise Pickleball Club will exclusively use DUPR ratings for entry into all club programming, including clinics, leagues, and ladders. This partnership extends to skill assessment and improvement tracking through lessons offered by the club. By integrating DUPR into its operations, Arise Pickleball Club aims to elevate the standards of its programs and provide players with a more personalized and rewarding experience.

The Impact of Every Point:

In the DUPR system, every point and every game counts towards a player's rating. This unique approach encourages players to give their best in every match, as the outcome directly influences their ratings. Unlike traditional systems that focus solely on wins and losses, DUPR recognizes the effort and skill demonstrated in each game, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and dedication.

Connectivity and Unrated Players:

Arise Pickleball Club understands that many players may initially be unrated. In such cases, scores from matches against other unrated players will retroactively count once either player competes against someone with a DUPR. This concept of "connectivity" ensures that all players, regardless of their initial rating status, become part of the broader DUPR ecosystem.

Arise Pickleball Club is excited about the possibilities that this partnership opens up for its players. The integration of DUPR Pickleball Rating into the club's activities is expected to bring a new level of competitiveness, fairness, and enjoyment to the sport.

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About Arise Pickleball:

Arise Pickleball is a dedicated brand committed to promoting and advancing the sport of Pickleball. With a passion for athleticism, community, and giving back, Arise Pickleball is on a mission to make this dynamic sport accessible to all and create positive impacts within communities.

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